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Dulles Triangles Celebrates Lesbian Visibility Week April 25 through May 1

Lesbian Visibility Week (LVW) is an annual observance in the United States and the United Kingdom dedicated to increasing the awareness of lesbian identities and issues. It is the only national event concentrated solely on LGBTQ women.

From 1990 to 1992, LVW was celebrated in mid-July in West Hollywood, California. It was conceived out of lesbians' frustrations with the higher visibility of LGBT men than LGBT women. Devoted to raising awareness of lesbian identities and topics and celebrating the lesbian community, the week provided a combination of cultural programming, workshops addressing current and impending needs, awards ceremonies, and social events. More recently, LVW is celebrated in April to coincide with Lesbian Visibility Day on April 26.

On multiple social and corporate platforms, gender inequality continues to keep lesbians from financial success and cultural respect. This week is not only a celebration for lesbians but trans and queer people to be inspired by role models that are fighting for us all.

One writer recently pointed out that in 72 countries, governments and law enforcement as well as civilians can legally commit crimes such as rape and murder against lesbians. Whether you are looking at violence, the gender pay gap, or simply unequal opportunities we all look forward to a world where one week of the year to contemplate and celebrate our lesbian, trans, and queer community will no longer be needed.

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