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Sponsor a Member Event

Want to do something fun? Want company while you do it? Plan a Member Event!


While the Club hosts several events a year, a lot of the fun happens at events organized by our members.  You’ll see these events in the eMinder, on Facebook and Meetup. Some examples of member-sponsored events are the movie nights, Sunday brunches, book clubs, meditation events, billiards, drag shows, and bowling.


In order to continue the fun, we need more member-sponsored events.  And that’s where YOU come in!


Who can sponsor an event?


Anyone can sponsor an event. Your role, as a sponsor, is to pick something you like to do, find a place to do it, choose a date, and invite people to join you. If there is a cost,  let attendees know what they should expect to pay for, and they can take care of their own expenses.


What kinds of events can you sponsor?  


Really, just about anything that you like, and that you would like others to enjoy with you.  Some thoughts include:


  • Murder mystery dinner

  • Pizza Party

  • Escape Room

  • Art exhibit

  • A hike, bike ride, or other outdoor sport

  • Game Night

  • Paint & Sip

  • Morning coffee

  • Movie Night

  • Poker night

  • Winery tour

  • Outing to a theme park

  • Drag brunch

  • Bowling

  • Museum outing

  • Bumper cars

  • Golf


Where can events be held?  


There are so many places to hold an event!  Bowling allies, restaurants, commercial venues, private homes, wineries, bars, condo or apartment club houses, parks, any place you’d normally go for the activity you have chosen will work.  


When should I host an event?


This depends on the event. If you’re asking people to come to drag brunch with you, you’re probably going to a specific place at a specific time.  If you’re doing a wine dinner, you should find out when the dinner you plan to attend is being held.  If the date and time are more within your control, then pick something that works with your schedule.


In general, it’s better to select a date and time that don’t conflict with other member-sponsored events, if possible.  The Dulles Triangles Board can help you avoid conflicts.  Otherwise, any date and time will work.


How many people can attend?


That’s up to you, and to the venue or event you choose.  Check with the venue you’ve chosen to see how many can attend.  Don’t be afraid to set limits for your group, based on your own preferences – especially if the event is in a private home.  And remember to make sure there are still tickets available, if the event requires tickets.


How do I let people know about my event?


Send a note to, and one of the Board members will help you get started. We’ll answer any questions you might have, help you with details, check dates, and help you advertise your event.


It’s that simple!


What if I need help organizing the event?


The Board members can help you, and so can other Club members.  Send a note to if you need some help.  We’ll support you!


We look forward to your event!

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