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History of Dulles Triangles, the Social Club Outside the Beltway

1991. Reston-Herndon, Northern Virginia.

In the Fall of 1991, the idea of an LGBT community for folks outside the Beltway was conceived by organizers who felt the need for a fun-oriented social club. By December of that year, 80 people agreed that the idea made sense and joined together for a Christmas celebration. Known as Suburbanites United ‘back in the day,’ the seed of our social club took root.


1992. Spring brings new growth.

After a successful Spring party, it was clearly time to organize formally. The Suburbanites United name gave way to our current appellation, “Dulles Triangles,” and by PRIDE ‘92 we were ready to celebrate our new-found fabulousness. All sorts of fun activities—like the wine tastings, brunches, and happy hours that remain popular today—came together. Our first newsletter made its debut in October to capture and record the playful moments shared by our growing community.


1993. Members, please!

Every club needs members, and Dulles Triangles got off to a great start with 130 names. Happy hours became a twice-monthly event. In April, Dulles Triangles sponsored a Riverboat Dandy Cruise that coincided with The March on Washington. Later that year, our current weekly Happy Hour schedule evolved, being held at the Reston Sheraton—where we are to this day!


1994. The fun goes on and on…

Our newsletter was a monthly production now, and going strong as participation in both club- and member-sponsored events swelled. SwimFest, potlucks, game nights, movie nights, a film festival, a wine Road Rally Tour… the list of activities grew and grew.


1996. The legendary Halloween party launches

The first of the now-legendary Dulles Triangles theme-based Halloween Parties launched as an epic success: “The Wizard of Ooze,” complete with an entrance arch of a rainbow of colored balloons. Over 85 members and guests joined together to celebrate the spirit of the evening. Just six weeks later, our holiday party showcased seven decorated Christmas trees and dancing amidst giant presents.


1997. Evolution + growth + dedicated volunteers = more fun than ever

In the years that followed, Dulles Triangles continued to evolve to meet its members’ needs, such as holding quarterly dances, Brunch and Games, pool parties, picnics, and the epic Halloween and Holiday parties. We began participating in DC Pride as our identity strengthened. All of this growth was made possible by the dedication of the “founding members,” volunteers all. Each of these visionaries committed vast amounts of time, energy, and effort ensuring that there was a safe, fun, and active group of LGBT people to socialize with in Northern Virginia, to make sure they no longer had to travel into Washington, DC for fun and community-building events.


2019. Time flies and our wings don’t touch the ground

We are fast approaching our thirtieth anniversary as a social club—what a journey from our early beginnings as a small club. The volunteer spirit of the founders lives on in the current Board and active members. Their tireless efforts to keep communicating through weekly eMinders; maintain the health and stability of our fiscal house; plan and execute great parties, events, and dances; and spread the word about the many member-sponsored events that take place regularly help keep DT's the premier LBGTQ+ social club in the western NOVA region.

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