30th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, a momentous decision was made between friends wishing there were more socializing options outside of DC, and Dulles Triangles was born. This year, to mark our thirtieth anniversary—making us one of the longest-lived LGBTQ+ social groups in the DC area—we’re throwing a bash to end all bashes, our 30th Anniversary Gay-la.

As we move into summer, plans continue for the party.  It is going to be an amazing event!


The big day is Saturday, December 11th, starting at 7:00 PM!

The party will be held at the newly renovated Sheraton Hotel at 11810 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191. We will begin with a cocktail hour, then a full dinner buffet and open bar, including non-alcoholic options for those of us who don't drink alcohol. We'll have a DJ, too - so bring those dancing shoes!

Votes have been cast for a theme, and we will have a Masquerade Ball! We spent the last year wearing masks for our health—it’s time to wear one purely for fun! 

Dress up as much or as little as you like, and add a mask—anything from a simple “bandit” eye mask, to an elaborate face mask with feathers, sequins, jewels—whatever strikes your fancy!

Please note: This is a "vaccine or test" event.  See COVID Safety Policy for more information. Scroll down to see the COVID VACCINATION POLICY FOR SPECIAL EVENTS.

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What are we planning?

Dulles Triangles turns 30 this year, and we’re having a Gay-la on December 11th! It’s a chance for us to really party, after all the restrictions of the last year! Dinner, drinks, dancing included!


By popular demand, we’re planning a Masquerade Ball – a night of mystery, entertainment, and amazing company – that means YOU!

The evening will kick off with a cocktail reception, 4-hour open bar, and full dinner buffet, with selections to please everyone’s taste buds, including vegan options and amazing specialty mocktails for those who prefer non-alcohol options.

Then, break out those dance moves, as our DJ spins dance tunes! And be ready to win prizes in our raffle drawing!

What is a Masquerade?

A masquerade ball is an occasion, event, or party in which those attending appear in costume wearing a mask. Often, these kinds of social gatherings, or carnivals as they were called in the day, were a part of 15th-century life as elaborate and decadent pageants, or processions celebrating marriage, along with other major medieval social occasions of note.

Our 30th Anniversary as a Club is certainly a social occasion of note!

Why do we wear a mask?

Masks are used to conceal the identity of attendees. Part of the fun of a masquerade ball was trying to discover the identity of other guests.  Balls would turn into highly entertaining events, as guests would arrive in ever-increasing arrays of humorous and whimsical disguises.

We'd like to recreate that kind of fun. There will be a contest, with prizes, so get creative, and dress to impress!

COVID Precautions

Because of the Delta variant of COVID-19, guidance on how to host an event continues to evolve.  Be assured that we will follow the advice of the CDC, and we will update our processes as we get closer to the event. We have a large space that will allow for social distancing. Food will be served safely. And if the event must be canceled, we'll reschedule it for a later date, and we'll honor any tickets we've issued. 


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What should we wear?

It's a time to celebrate. Masquerades tend to be more formal.  You may want to dress up a bit. It's not necessary to wear your formal ball gown, but feel free to go to that level.  Consider business casual to be the starting point.

We will have a professional photographer, who will be taking individual, couples, and group shots, as well as candids throughout the evening. Consider that as you make your sartorial decisions.

And yes, you CAN wear your rainbow unicorn outfit.

Where can we get masks?

Masks range in style and cost, from simple "bandit"-style masks to classic Venetian masks, and from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Likewise, there are many sources for masks.


Amazon, Etsy, and many other online stores will have a wide range of choices. There are other stores that specialize in handcrafted masks.  Here are a few links.


Where is the party?

The event will be in the ballroom at the newly renovated Sheraton Hotel, 11810 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191.

Hotel rooms have also been renovated, and are available for $85. Junior suites and full suites are available for an upcharge.  Need to stay Friday night as well?  No problem.  You can do that.

Click here to book your room through the Sheraton web site.

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What will it cost?

Membership has its privileges. If you have a paid membership in the Club, you will receive discounted pricing. If you don't have a paid membership, you can get one with your ticket for the regular ticket price plus $5.

For those who purchase before October 8, there is an Early Bird discount.

Are you a paid member?  Click here to find out how to tell.

IMPORTANT: Each ticket grants access for a single attendee. If purchasing multiple tickets, list additional attendees in the Notes section during checkout.  All sales are final. Because we must know in advance how many are attending, there will be no tickets sold at the door.

We will e-mail your final ticket(s) prior to the Gay-la. Contact events@DullesTriangles.com with questions or concerns.

Early Bird Pricing through Oct. 8, 2021

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Regular Pricing - starting Oct. 9, 2021

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Do you need help?

Many Members lost financial ground or faced other hardships during the height of the pandemic. We know this might put the cost for attending this event beyond some people's reach.


If you or someone you know needs assistance with ticket prices, please click this button to let us know, and we'll do our best to discreetly make help available.


Are you a member?

Membership has its privileges. If you have a paid membership in the Club, you will receive discounted pricing. But how do you know if you are a paid member?

You can tell if you are a paid member if you look at the weekly eMinder.  You will see a message indicating that you are a paid member, or a message asking you to join or renew. If you have any questions, please send an email to Info@DullesTriangles.com, and we'll let you know.

Or, consider going with the "Ticket Plus Membership", and if you've already joined or renewed, we'll add a year on to your paid membership (and you save $5 on that year!)

Also, starting on August 31, 2021, the eMinder will contain a link that will let you buy your tickets ... and that link will take you to the Paid Member pricing if you are a member, or to Non-Paid Member pricing if you are not.

And if you accidentally pick the wrong price, we'll help you fix it.

Sign up for the eMinder and be sure!!