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The LGBTQ+ Social Club Outside the Beltway

Our Events

Dulles Triangles is an inclusive social club with members from across the LGBTQ+ community. We host 6-8 Club-sponsored events every year, plus weekly Happy Hours and dinners, and many member-sponsored events, including bowling, movies, hiking, amusement parks, book clubs, billiards, dinners, drag shows ... the list goes on and on! 

Our Roots

While the Dulles Triangles began in Northern Virginia, our membership has expanded to include the national capital region and beyond. All are welcome and included in our numerous planned activities.

Our Members

Dulles Triangles has over 175 paid members; weekly mailings to over 650 people; and nearly 1,600 people following us on social media. Our members  range in age from their early 20s to those well into their retirement; and include people of all genders and identities, including allies.

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