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August is also Romance Awareness Month.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day for romance, and February isn’t the only romantic month on the calendar. Check your relationship’s pulse during Romance Awareness Month in August. If it needs a jump start, there are lots of ways to put some spark back into the relationship.

Add excitement by planning the unexpected. Surprise your significant other with a date night with only a few clues as to the destination. None of it needs to be expensive or elaborate, but trying to make the evening fun, spontaneous and memorable will be worthwhile. Maybe it’s a note clipped to a single flower saying you’ll pick her up at 7 PM and to wear sandals. It ends up with a picnic on the beach; or it could be a text to him that you’re in the mood for takeout, be ready in an hour—a three-hour road trip later and you’re at the nearest drive-in theater eating hot wings under the stars.

The simple things mean so much more than elaborate gifts. A wrapped mint slipped into a pocket with an encouraging message on the day of a big presentation sends waves of support and love when it’s needed most. Sharing our successes with those we love is another way of enhancing the romance. Toast each other’s success and bask in the glow.

Consider one of the “adventure guides” or activity books for couples, such as The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition. These can provide some starting points for a romantic outing, without breaking the bank. Check the Resources below for suggestions.


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