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Arab American Heritage Month

April is Arab American Heritage Month. Arab Americans have many different countries of origin, ranging from Morocco in north-western Africa to Saudi Arabia and its neighbor states in the Arabian Peninsula, and more. Arabic cultures have contributed to knowledge and understanding in a vast range of sciences and the arts from classical times through today. While most people probably link “Arab” to “Muslim,” not all Arabs (or Arab Americans) are Muslim and not all Muslims are Arabs.

There are nearly 3.5 million Arab Americans in the United States, according to the Arab American Institute. And while it's important to respect and recognize Arab American culture all year long, April marks Arab American Heritage Month. In 2019, two members of Congress pushed for the month to be recognized on a national scale. Establishing Arab American Heritage Month was critical in combatting post-9/11 anti-Arab sentiments, and while Arab Americans still face prejudice regularly, acknowledging their fight for recognition and equality—and becoming better allies—is something we can all contribute toward. Check out this Pinterest list of famous Arab Americans—you may be surprised by some of the entries!

LGBTQ Arab Americans often face fierce discrimination among family and community members as well from broader national prejudices. Showing support for the brave men and women who have taken the step to come out, be open about who they are and who they love, is important. This article on the LGBTQ community in the Arab world showcases many of the challenges facing LGBTQ folks around the world and in Arab American communities, too. Stories like those of Ramy El-Etreby and Zach and Michael Zakar highlight the struggle many LGBTQ Arab Americans have with their identity and communities, while organizations like Tarab NYC provide places of inclusion and support.

We hope this story helps raise awareness among our DTs Club family. If you have any questions, resources, or stories you would like to share, please reach out to us at!

Stay safe and healthy,

Your Dulles Triangles Board of Directors

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