Member Survey - Summer 2014





Which Club-sponsored events are you most likely to support with your time and assistance? (Please check all that apply)





















What type(s) of member-sponsored activities would you be willing to sponsor? (Click all that apply)





















How often would receiving an Eminder be useful to you?   (Please check only one)


Weekly - 77.78%

Monthly - 22.22%


What information would you like to see in an Eminder?  (Please check only one)


Immediate upcoming DTs social events only - 17.86%

DTs social events for the rest of the month - 82.14%



Do you want to see other community news and/or events in the Eminder?


Yes - 80.77%

No - 19.23%


Have you logged into the “Members” section of the website?  (Please check only one)


Yes - 46.15%

No - 53.85%



What sort of things would you like to see on the “Members” section of the site?  (Please check all that apply)


Member Pictures - 30%

Bulletin Board - 28%

Newsletter / Calendar - 42% 

How often would you like to see a mini-newsletter?  (Please check only one)


No Newsletter - 20%

Bi-monthly - 52%

Quarterly - 28%

Semi-Annually - 0%


What sections would you like to see in the mini-newsletter?  (Please check all that apply)





















Are there any comments or additional Club-sponsored activities that you would suggest having the Club offer?

- Potluck dinners at members homes movie nights which would also have to be limited on a smaller scale

- Semi-formal/Formal dinner dance or boat excursion on occasion (willing to pay)

- Apple Blossom Festival

- Has any one thought of a dinner group meeting at homes? Maybe 6 to 8 with a shared menu and participation of items.

- More member support ie needed for DTs sponsored events


Are there any comments or additional member-sponsored activities that you would suggest having the Club offer?

- I am willing to co-host events in members homes to help someone who has a larger house or home. I live in a small efficiency but I am willing to help those who have a large house to host a home movie night or potluck dinner. to help with emails, gathering RSVPs, help to set up and help to clean up and serve during the event.


Eminder Comments:

- I think the Eminder can have both upcoming and remainder of the month activities.

- just like you have been doing.......

- I like what we've been doing! A good balance. And thanks to whomever is doing the leg (or finger) work to produce this.

- I'm indifferent to other community news. Sometimes it is nice to see what other groups are doing. And its a good way to introduce other groups into the social environment.


Have you gone to the members section of the DTs web site?

If yes, please note any difficulty using it. If no, why have you not used this feature?:

- I did not realize there was a members only section

- Because I am technology challenged.

- It's always worked wonderfully for me.

- Because I keep the annual directory on my deaktop for easy access. Are there other reasons for visiting the Members section of the website?

- not sure what I would find there (that would be of use) that I don't get in the Eminder.

- between the eminders and the facebook page, it doesn't seem necessary to go to the website.....forgot you have a monthly newsletter on there though.....

- Haven't been to website, just talk to Susan Murray or Todd for info ;)

- never got a password

- No difficulties with login.

- I didn't know there was one.


Member Website Comments:

No comments received


Mini-Newsletter Comments:

- Monthly newsletter!

- Quarterly Business Report on where we stand. All other items events, new members, reviews and articles of interest could be on the website.

- Birthdays, Treasurer's Report only needs to be quarterly or semi-annuallly. Do not need it every month.



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