Dulles Triangles Board Member Position Descriptions


Section 1: PRESIDENT

  • Is the spokesperson and leader of the Club.

  • Coordinates implementation of policies of the membership as guided by strategies developed by the Board.

  • Chairs all Club membership meetings, all Board meetings, and all public information committee meetings; is an ex-officio member of all committees; and shall designate another officer to act as spokes-person for the Club from time to time.

  • Facilitates announcements at Club sponsored events as applicable (e.g., Happy Hour).



  • Is responsible for public relations and assisting the President.

  • Fosters a positive public perception of the Club, both within the general membership and the outside gay and non-gay communities.

  • Is responsible for membership recruiting and development (in coordination with the Membership Director), using such techniques as surveys and opinion polls.

  • Performs other duties including, but not limited to, overseeing proxies and nomination procedures (in coordination with the Secretary), acting as media liaison (in coordination with the Communications Director), and conducting business in the absence of the President.


Section 3: SECRETARY

  • Creates agenda for and keeps minutes of all membership and Board meetings, and shall distribute a copy of the minutes in a timely fashion (preferably within one week following a meeting) to all Board members.

  • Notifies members of all membership and Board meetings and of such special meetings as may be called.

  • Acts as historian of the Club and maintains a file of all materials relevant to its history (e.g., minutes, Bylaws, corporate documents).

  • Maintains formats for standard Club letters and forms.

  • Maintains a record of all business letters.

  • Is responsible for coordinating, editing and production of organizational publications such as Election Guides, Event Checklists and Flyers (in coordination with the Events Director), Membership Forms and Directories (in coordination with the Membership Director), and other publications as applicable.

  • Is responsible for picking up the mail and for its proper disposition, or ensures that this responsibility is appropriately delegated.


Section 4: TREASURER

  • Maintains a bank account(s).

  • Establishes accounts, maintains communications, and executes financial transactions with all creditors.

  • Keeps a record of all financial transactions and statements, including those of financial institutions, financial processing companies (e.g., PayPal, Square), and credit accounts.

  • At each Board meeting, presents a summary monthly financial report.

  • Gives a complete annual financial report to the Board at the end of the fiscal year monthly Board meeting.

  • Gives a summary current fiscal year financial report at any called member meeting.

  • Coordinates preparation and filing of all tax returns and other legally required documents.

  • Develops a complete annual budget prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.




  • Proposes and coordinates Club sponsored events and activities of the Club.

  • Solicits ideas from the general membership and coordinate locating venue and advertising.

  • Maintains a calendar of Club and member sponsored events (in coordination with the Communications Director) from information provided by all Directors and Committees.

  • Produces Club sponsored DT events flyers (in coordination with the Secretary).

  • Purchases, stores, and transports all Club supplies for Club sponsored events. Maintains a checklist of standard items for a typical event (e.g., meal supplies, serving items, sounds system, coolers, food and drinks).

  • Coordinates event venue, food purchase, preparation, transportation, setup, and cleanup.

  • May delegate individual event oversight to an Event Chairperson.

  • Coordinates member volunteer requests to assist with each event.

  • Reports at Board meetings on previous events and plans for upcoming events.

  • Chairs the Events Committee (in coordination with Happy Hour Concierge).



  • Coordinates all membership activities, including developing and implementing programs, projects and activities designed to increase and retain membership in the Club.

  • Maintains the Club’s database of member information. Ensures, in coordination with Treasurer, that all membership and guest fees (cash, check, credit card) and information are properly tracked and recorded.

  • Corresponds with all new members. (e.g., welcome, contact information, Club media outlets).

  • Coordinates registration at Club events (member check-in, name tags, memberships, renewals, guest fees).

  • Produces, updates and publishes, in coordination with the Secretary, a membership directory on a schedule as determined by the Board.

  • Plans and implements strategies to meet Club membership goals.

  • Represents the Club in its relationship with numerous external constituencies and potential membership opportunities.

  • Reports at Board meetings on membership status.

  • Chairs the Membership Committee.



  • Coordinates, edits and monitors organization media outlets and publications (e.g., website, Facebook, Meetup, handouts, promotional items).

    • Applies access and information posting structure and policy.

    • Monitors/reviews/approves accounts and requests for social media outlets.

    • Performs website updates (e.g., events, financial, birthdays, new members, photos).

    • Performs Facebook event maintenance and member correspondence (e.g., welcome note to new members).

    • Performs Meetup event maintenance and member correspondence (e.g., welcome note to new members).

    • Maintains member category email distribution lists (e.g., current, new, past)

  • Monitors and responds to email communications (e.g., membership inquiries, business correspondence, and event details).

  • Constructs and distributes weekly Eminder (in coordination with Events Director).

  • Executes electronic surveys, as directed by the Board.

  • Applies all branding guidelines and policies.

  • Chairs the Communications Committee.



  • Shall work closely with the Events and Membership Committees and are responsible for other tasks as assigned.




  • Greets members or potential members at weekly socials, membership meetings, and other social activities.

  • Ensures name tags are present at Happy Hour.

  • Promotes member sponsored events by soliciting members to sponsor them and encouraging members / prospective members to attend them.

  • Is responsible for ensuring member sponsored events appear in the web-based calendar (in coordination with Events and Communications Directors).

  • Reports at Board meetings on the success of soliciting member sponsored events, and plans for future events.

  • Is an ex-officio Member of the Events and Membership Committees.



  • Proposes and coordinates events and activities for Pride.

  • Solicits ideas from the general membership regarding Pride activities (e.g., parade and festival participation).

  • Coordinates team formation to execute parade and festival resources, supplies, and participants.

  • Coordinates design and production of publications and marketing materials.

  • Implements Pride-specific fundraising, such as, but not limited to, 50/50 raffles, and the sale of T-Shirts and other Pride-specific promotional items.

  • By the third Board Meeting of the year, presents the Pride Plan to the Board.

  • Chairs the Pride Committee (if formed).



  • Is responsible for women’s membership recruiting and development and all activities specifically pertaining to women.

  • Works with the Vice-president and Events Director regarding recruiting and social activities coordination.


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